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Transcendence ALTITUDE tea is 100% Gynostemma herb, sourced from the Yunnan Province in China. Gynostemma offers powerful anti-fatiguing effects, increased stamina, and is also caffeine free. 

Gynostemma is proven to be helpful in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, ensuring good blood flow throughout the body, and increasing your endurance. It shares many health benefits as Ginseng.

ALTITUDE tea will help ensure your body is ready to take on any challenge, no matter how enduring. Drink ALTITUDE tea to transcend your life to new heights!

Ingredients: 100% dried Gynostemma leaves

Brewing Recommendation: 

  1. Insert 1 teaspoon of tea into tea ware 
  2. Heat water to approximately 100 degrees C (212 F)
  3. Let tea steep for 3-10 mins 
  4. Remove tea leaves and enjoy!