Why Tea Bags SUCK!

Tea bags suck a dunce teabag sat in the corner of the room


Tea has been drunk with the simple combination of water and leaves for thousands of years. Everyone from emperors to peasants would drink it in this way without a sewn little bag in sight.

In fact, the commercial tea bag as we know it is a fairly recent invention if you compare it to the length of time that humans have been drinking tea. The patent to sell tea in handsewn fabric bags was filed in 1903. It was invented to make it more convenient to ship tea across the world and customers were actually supposed to take the tea leaves out of the little packets.

The customers found that this new tea bag was very convenient to brew straight into the water and this habit has unfortunately persisted until today.

This convenience, however, it comes at a cost...

Tea bags are Lower Quality

Modern tea bags are often filled with the cheaper, machine-processed "dust and fannings". These are the equivalent to those crumbs you find at the bottom of your packet of biscuits - reduced quality and a far from optimum experience.

A sparrow eating crumbs. Crumbs are the equivalent of tea bag contents
You wouldn't eat these... Would you?


Don't believe us? Try it for yourself. Once you have finished drinking a cup of tea with a tea bag try adding more water and drinking again. The flavour has been lost in the first steep and it's barely worth drinking. This experience is even more pronounced if you use teabags with flavoured oils.

Compare that to loose leaf teas such as the ones you will find in our range which can be steeped again several times with minimal flavor loss. The quality of bagged tea speaks for itself.


The Tea in Tea bags Contain Fewer Antioxidants

On the whole, you are much more likely to find antioxidants in whole young leaves and fresh buds of tea. The beneficial nutrients that we drink green tea for are found in abundance the whole loose leaves rather than those "dust and fannings" we were talking about earlier.

Added to this is the fact that tea bags are typically stored for longer, the catechins that antioxidants are stored in inside the leaf degrade over time so the fresher the better.


Are Tea Bags a Health Concern?

Tea bags can be toxic


There are some concerns that the plastics used in creating the tea bags may leech toxins into your drink. This is because the water is at a high enough temperature. At Transcendence, we haven't done enough research into the possibility of plastic toxins leaking to make an educated statement either way.

However, Nadia at BodyUnburdened writes an interesting article going into detail about the dangers of tea bag poisons in both plastic and paper tea bags.




If you haven't gathered by now, we think that tea bags SUCK. The alternative is far superior if you are wanting to gain the most possible from your healthy drink. Check out our range of loose leaf teas on our website.





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